Countries: Greece – Athen

March 2024

We’re thrilled to report that the Advanced Course by GUELTIG LYMPHOLOGY training and consulting, focused on the treatment of secondary head, chest, breast, and genital lymphedema, was a resounding success.

Imparting knowledge is one thing, but the true soul of our event was the vibrant exchange of ideas: the dedicated response to every question from our 17 participants. More than just theory – the sessions came alive with four impressive live patient presentations.

Each lecture by Oliver Gueltig, was seamlessly translated into Greek by Evripidis Trianfafyllou, another esteemed expert in our field. Simon Pfister, an educator in training, was an indispensable support throughout the course.

The hands-on application of knowledge can turn a learning experience from informative to transformative. Our Advanced Course provided just such an opportunity, bringing theoretical understanding to life through direct patient care. Here, Oliver Gueltig demonstrates advanced lymphedema management techniques, offering a window into the skillful approach that underlies successful patient outcomes.

As we capture this moment, it’s with great pride that we showcase the synergy of our emerging management team in Greece.

This dedicated professionals represent the bright future of GUELTIG LYMPHOLOGY, embodying the innovation and leadership that drive us forward.