Training offers

Congresses in different countries of the world. The focus is on theoretical and practical aspects of the successful diagnosis and treatment in Lymphology

It will be easy for us to organize a congress with you in your country

Our training offers for you:

  • Basic intensive training Lymphology – Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy
    10 days (including the weekends possible)

  • Advanced course know-how update
    in Lymphology and CDT treatment including patient introduction
    2 days for experienced therapists in Lymphology and CDT

  • Lymphology between Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Diagnostic and Treatment
    2 days intensive seminar including patient introduction for medical doctors.

  • Special training “How I´ll become a lecturer in Lymphology and CDT”
    advice and planning via digital meetings for physiotherapists and nursing professionals

  • Symposium for medical professions – Scientific background of Lymphology – Pathology, Diagnostic and Treatment update
    1 day including regional presswork.

  • Patient information congress – Lymphology and Edemas causes, professional treatment and supportive self-management
    1 day including personal Edema patient counselling.

  • Oliver Gueltig as guest speaker on your congress via E-Mail contact

  • Establishing an In- or outpatient rehabilitation centre in your city
    conceptual advice including the indispensable equipment and the necessary qualification of the employees. Coming in contact over digital conferences.