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Welcome to the GUELTIG LYMPHOLOGY training and consulting GmbH website.

I’m Oliver Gueltig

I have been working worldwide as a lecturer in lymphology and complete decongestive physiotherapy (CDT) for over 40 years and have been a member of the International Society of Lymphology for decades.

Lymphology is very popular today because we know that all interstitial fluids and edema are absorbed exclusively from the lymphatic system. The current studies of the last few years have shown that there is no venous resorption of edema fluid!

The central questions today are: How do I become a lymphologist as a doctor and how do I become a therapist with excellent training in CDT/Lymphology as a physiotherapist or nurse? You can find out everything about it here!

The current epidemiological studies show that we have about 500 million patients with lymphostatic edema worldwide.

These forms of edema are not only based on the well-known forms of secondary and primary lymphedema, which often arise after the necessary conventional medical treatment of oncological diseases or are genetically determined.

Today we know that the higher stages of peripheral arterial occlusive disease, diabetes, chronic venous insufficiency and rheumatic diseases also cause severe chronic lymphedema.

Acute lymphostatic edema also develops post-traumatically and post-operatively, which subsides much faster with the right treatment, thus shortening the rehabilitation period enormously

In any case, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of this edema is the golden key in advanced medicine.

Today it is easy for you as a doctor to become a lymphologist. For this purpose, we have developed an e-learning program in English for the entire lymphology related to anatomy, physiology and pathology. As in Germany, you will receive 100 credit points and a certificate as a trained lymphologist.

Just find out more under the title: “Medical Doctors – how to become a Lymphologist” on my website. More than 1,000 doctors have already taken advantage of this advanced training program. All content is based on the current AWMF guidelines, titled „Diagnosis and Therapy of Lymphedema“, were produced by 32 scientific medical societies.

In the certified further training for professions in physiotherapy and care, the participants learn everything about the practical aspects of lymphology and CDT in 10 days, the practical techniques of manual lymphatic drainage, compression management, decongestive exercises, advanced skin care and supportive self-management.

The curriculum of this intensive training course in lymphology/CDT can be found under the title: „how to become a lymphatic therapist“.

As the main editor and co-author of many scientific textbooks in lymphology, such as the „Lymphology Guide“ or the Textbook Lymphology by Foeldi/Foeldi, you will always be accompanied in the courses by the current specialist literature and current studies.

On this basis, we can offer the face-to-face courses in eleven different languages in your country. We have organized these professional training courses in Egypt, USA, Brazil, Ukraine, Spain, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kuwait, Dubai, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Holland and Poland over the past decades.

In Germany alone, I and my teams have trained over 30,000 physiotherapists and over 1,000 doctors in lymphology with Lymphologic medical training. This makes us the largest training company in lymphology worldwide.

We can also establish this highly topical field of medicine, together with you, in your country. We can either gibe the training courses or lectures in English, we can hold them in 11 different languages and translate them simultaneously through our international team!

This is a special opportunity for you – become an expert in this highly interesting and important field of medicine in your country!

We can also support you with building up a specialist network of fellow medical professionals and we can help you become a lecturer in Lymphology and CDT in your country.

Just click on the links for further information and to discover the ever-growing specialized field of medicine that is spreading around the world.