Upcoming courses

Hanoi, Vietnam 6th till 18th February 2023

  • Basic intensive training Lymphology –
    Complete Decongestive Physiotherapy
    E-Learning Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology (in English) and 13 day presence course
    for Physicans, Physicaltherapists and nurses in Myrehab – Health care and Rehabilitation, Coninco Tower

The courses will be simultaneously translated in vietnamese language.

Each participant will receive a english sientific book „Lymphology / Lymphedema -Management and Complete Physical Decongestive Therapy“

It will be given in Vietnamese translation.

Nur-Sultan, Kasachstan 2023
(in planning)

Kasachstan / Bild: iStockphoto.com / Copyright: cosmopol

Bild: iStockphoto.com © cosmopol