Welcome to the e-learning module „Lymphology“.

Here is the answer to the question:
How to become a Doctor with the title of Lymphology?

This training program imparts the entire current knowledge of lymphology (anatomy, physiology, pathology of lymph static diseases), including diagnostics and differentiation from other forms of edema.

To date, more than 1,000 doctors have successfully completed this e-learning.

At the end, each participant receives a certificate as a lymphologist and 100 credit points are certified.

This e-learning program was developed for you on the basis of over 40 years of experience in lymphology by GUELTIG LYMPHOLOGY and Lymphologic medical training in Germany, because Germany is the motherland of Lymphology!

The professional basis are the current textbooks „Guide to Lymphology“ (Gueltig et al.), Textbook of Lymphology (Foeldi/Foeldi) and the current publications of the International Society of Lymphology, of which we are a member.

Participation in this training costs 800 US$

Registering for the Lymphology e-learning is easy.

You transfer 50 US$ registration fee to the account of GUELTIG LYMPHOLOGY training and consulting: IBAN: DE29 7955 0000 0000 3660 54, BIC: BYLADEM1ASA and at the same time email us an informal registration with your medical professional certificate, your complete name and address including date of birth and your professional focus in medicine.

After that, you will receive your registration number / access data with an explanation for the implementation of the training on the online platform.

After receipt of the remaining fee of 750 US$ receive a receipt and we will activate the e-learning program for you for 6 months.

When you have finalized all learning programs/modules with all tests, please let us know by email. You will then receive your personal certificate as a Lymphologist by e-mail in conjunction with confirmation of 100 credit points.

The parallel courses offer professional E-Learning in English language and accompanies each intensive course



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